Clean All Food From Your Plate

Clean all food from your plate makes you gain weight-fact or fiction? This was a problem for the seekers of fitness for many years subject. In fact, there are still many different thoughts on the subject, but is often due to the nature of the diet and of the circumstances.


A complete meal and a full stomach

Of course, cleaning your plate when you’re at a party or when you are already full it would be difficult for your body in general. An excessive amount of stomach can make you feel full and not necessarily satisfied. But at the end of the day, clean your plate does not actually cause weight gain. The fact is that, if done properly, clean your plate may help you lose weight with the practices and methods right.

The basic principle is that they are not only relying on cleaning all the food from your plate. Trust your expected contribution of calories. The acts of the body on the calories are fuel. In this case, if you do not clean your plate, you probably do not have enough energy for the day.


When the diet is practiced in harmony with their daily physical needs, eat the right amount of food will keep you excited about your daily activities. When it comes to numbers, the number of calories, but only if you have enough to tell. Consider what happens when you do not have enough. You have less energy to exercise and often become less enthusiastic (I do not feel like today I). By providing your body with the right amount of food also it affects our ability to focus on tasks. When at work, you may find yourself managing a little ‘ “less efficient. Ideas can not be so easily or can also be confusing. Adequate nutrition plays an important role in our mental capacities, as well as our body.

Furthermore, the metabolism of the body is based on a daily intake of food. When you neglect to eat, your body slows down your ability to burn calories, which in turn will actually cause your body to start storing calories as fat. Therefore, you actually gain weight when you forget to provide adequate nutrition for your quantities of body.

There’s more on TV than you think

When a quality diet is practiced, also estimates that more than counting calories. Nutrition is based on the addition of vitamins and minerals in your diet. The reason why parents always told to clean your plate that’s why all the essential nutrients needed to grow and live healthily.

Of course there is still the instincts of the body that need to know. Trust your body to tell you “when.” If you are not hungry, do not force yourself to eat. Save for later, or wait a bit ‘. “Your body knows what it needs and provide suggestions, such as cravings and hunger that are informed about what they need. Because your body is, first of all, the goal that is trying to enter fit, remains the best way to listen to and take into account their wishes.

The trick is to have meals there is a proper relationship for the entire day. If you are eating a meal every day, changes in your metabolism and your body will not have constant energy throughout the day. If meals proportion evenly distributed in coordination with their daily needs, such as exercise and related activities, your body will be able to operate more efficiently and cleaning of a main dish help you achieve your fitness goals.

Eating in harmony

Factors of weight gain are considered content of foods and physical exercise. Just clean your plate, does not mean that you will gain weight. In fact, when the food is delivered properly, finishing everything on your plate can make or break your success. Healthy eating habits and diet plans are crucial not only lose weight but keep it off.

Places like Southern California gym are recognized for their practice of these teachings, as it is more important to reach a healthy weight to lose weight at a rate that is often associated radically dangerous to eat little or no food (not the cleaning dish?)

Clean the pot is not necessarily bad for your weight when done correctly. With the diet plan and well proportioned meals, weight loss becomes a matter of personal attention combined with a quality training program.

Factors Affecting Metabolism – A Proper Diet

a proper diet factors affecting the metabolism

You wondered whether you ever wondered why some people have a beautiful slim and fit figure, while not applying to this effort visible and others regularly sit on diets, exhausting themselves in the gym and still not achieve the desired result?

Complex mineral nutrition - the key to a good metabolism

Factors affecting the metabolism: proper nutrition, physical activity, healthy sleep.

Needless to say that when you reject a total amount of fat from a healthy (for a natural person) standards, the metabolic processes in the body are also beginning to flow differently. In particular, because the cage body produce hormones that affect the regulation of functions of the body. According to statistics, only 10% of people are distinguished perfectly healthy ratio of fat and muscle tissue in the body. Most, especially the people who lead a sedentary lifestyle – make up the remaining 90%. That is, have a higher percentage of body fat and a distinct lack of muscle mass.

Beautiful healthy and slim body – the result of the metabolic processes of the body flowing properly, without disturbances and deviations. But excessive fullness, as well as excessive thinness – a clear sign that some kind of “gear” out of order and established mechanism has failed.

a proper diet factors affecting the metabolism

In this article we will look at such an important factor as – proper nutrition.

In any case, I note that people with chronic diseases of one kind or another health problem before you take any steps necessary to consult with your doctor.

The components of nutrition

“We are what we eat”. This phrase is quite trivial biological explanation. Our body is built of the material that we consume with food. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (micro and macro) – all this is necessary for us to build our body’s cells.

Meals should be frequent

Why? Taking food every 3 hours, you eliminate the occurrence of the state of “fasting”, which causes our body to take nutrients from the cells of the body and slow down metabolism.

Even with a busy schedule, you can highlight a few minutes to a meal

In a normal diet during the day, in the evening you will not want to go to storm the refrigerator and emptied it to the last bite.

As a snack between meals you can eat an apple, a salad, a bit of cheese or a couple of loaves.

How to achieve? By purchasing products for snacks, lay in their places of everyday living. Place the stack of loaves and a few apples in the locker at work, in the glove box in the car, fill fruit beautiful vase at home, put some nuts or a couple of fruit bars in your bag.

Refrain, however, from the purchase of long-term storage of yogurt and sweet curds. Uses they will not bring just a few extra pounds in the long term. Choose natural products with a minimum of additives.

Do not fast, and if you do not eat in the main meals more than necessary.

Meals should be regular

Why? Over time, the body gets used to the fact that nutrients come without fail and hunger does not threaten him, out of the state of stress and cease to create fat reserves for a rainy day. In addition, regular diet to a certain time will be allocated the right amount of digestive enzymes for the best assimilation of food.

How to achieve? Try to eat in the same time. Sign a tradition: breakfast, for example, at eight in the morning, have a bite at eleven, dine at two, and so on. Only at first it will be difficult. You quickly get used to.

Do not skip breakfast. It is most important for the body’s food intake. This morning, your metabolism is most intense.

At this time, you can fearlessly eat foods high in carbohydrates. Whatever you eat, your body will process into energy. In the evening, the metabolism slows down, and eaten a sandwich before going to bed you will take pride of place on your waist.

In the evening, better to eat food low in carbohydrates. For example fish, vegetables, or dairy products.

Meals should be balanced

Why? To build a house need a building material. It is unlikely that you will please the home, which has a hole instead of a wall (bricks did not have), the roof fell in some places (beams rotted, and there is nothing to replace), and from the walls of plaster layers of leaves (delivered with an excess).

We do not build a house, and much more complex system – your own body. They have one for life, we will not be able to sell it and buy a new one. Therefore, refer to the vessel of his soul should properly – gently and respectfully.

In order to be healthy, the body must not lack in the necessary building materials: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, micro-and macro.

What happens when we do not have enough of a substance? First, the body will try to get the right material from its own reserves. When they exhausted – will “turn off” and “slow down” the secondary functions of life, providing the most important resource. Can we survive without beautiful hair and strong nails? Of course we can! So in terms of scarce resources on the hair and nails can be “saved”.

Therefore, at the first sign of “crisis” (chronic fatigue, split hair, exfoliating nails, dry skin, muscle cramps, etc.) do not delay a decision for tomorrow. Examine your own body, understand what it lacks and try to make up for this deficiency. To learn exactly how to do a lot of written literature.

How to achieve? Organize your meals so that the body receives all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, micro- and macro-nutrients – not an easy task.

Ideally for the compilation of verified nutrition program, you must do all of the tests, to reveal the individual characteristics of digestion, take into account the chronic diseases (if available), way of life, the level of physical activity, stress and much more.

Is it possible to do this without professional help? Hardly. And how to do in this situation?

Universal rules

There are a few universal rules of a balanced diet, which each of us can fully comply. In the absolute majority of people exchange processes take place in an identical manner, obeying the well known to the general laws. Knowing how to construct the system, it is quite possible to manage.

  • First of all, try to vary your diet as much as possible. Do not eat pasta or one week of porridge. Buy a variety of products and do not be lazy to cook. Ready-to-eat convenience foods, pass through such manufacturing processes that destroy the bulk vitamins.
  • About a diet at any of their manifestation forget, how about a terrible dream. The lack of certain substances in the body is required to be reflected in your appearance. Do not Forbid Me nothing. So you just create unnecessary stress for the body, and then still fail. Little by little, you can have it all. The key word “little” because the excess is no better than a drawback.
  • Remember the food pyramid. It shows, in what ratio, and what foods should include a healthy diet. Print out and hang on the fridge.
  • Turn further in your diet vitamins, micro and macro elements.
  • Eat often and regularly.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

And most importantly – be calm and consistent, do not panic if something does not turn out right. In the critical confidence and common sense.

A good metabolism requires anyone. And for people involved in fitness and active lifestyle nutrition question becomes particularly relevant. Spend a bit of time this side of your lifestyle, and believe me, you’re sure to be rewarded.

In subsequent articles, we will consider such factors that affect the metabolism of the human body as a healthy sleep and physical activity. The last factor, however, in its broadest sense, a large part of the articles on our website.

What Is Creatine And What Is It For?

What Is Creatine And What Is It For? Creatine is one form of the supplement, which is very popular among people who want to gain muscle mass. Natural origin, absolute safety and high degree of assimilation, it features a substance such as creatine. For what it is necessary dosage and duration of admission course, you will learn from this material.

What is creatine?

optimum nutrition creatine powder large

Creatine is a substance that our body produces from the incoming food of animal origin. But due to poor eating habits, stress and increased physical activity, resulting creatine is often not enough. Therefore, athletes and people who observe low-calorie diet, you need to use it later.

So, you are thinking about the reception of creatine. For what it is and what consequences it will bring lasting disadvantage?

At the moment of muscular effort to execute movement requires energy. Since it is required from the very first moment of the load, the body will take it from the muscles. Before the body can use the energy from conventional sources (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), it should rework it in a special form. In fact, it is nothing else than creatine.

It is believed that with the weight of 70 kilograms and a moderate load the body on a daily basis takes about 2 grams of creatine. To do this, you must eat about a kilogram of red meat. It is much easier to get this important substance of the additives.

creatine results

Useful properties of creatine

Additional reception creatine will help achieve these goals.

  1. Acceleration of metabolism. Due to the fact, that creatine takes an active part in the metabolism, its use can cause increased weight reduction by reducing body fat. However, in the early days of admission can be seen opposite the weight gain due to fluid retention in the muscles. Then it all depends on your goals and workout regime. Creatine gives you extra energy, and where you spend it – depends on you. You can make an emphasis on strength training for muscle growth or increase the intensity of cardio exercises. The effect of creatine is particularly noticeable in the first few weeks of reception.
  2. The increase in power rates. Already in the first lessons you will notice that easily add 2-5 reps each approach strength training. This effect will accumulate and eventually lead to an increase in muscle mass.
  3. Increase endurance. For this reason, creatine is relevant not only for those who like gym, but also for those who prefer cardio and various kinds of martial arts.

Choosing and buying supplements

Realizing all the advantages of this additive, you probably think about the purchase, and on what is best. Creatine monohydrate is produced in the form of powder and capsules.

Most athletes prefer the powder version of creatine. This is due to the high efficiency and relatively low cost. Often, all sport Supplements in capsules are much more expensive, and their efficiency is often lower. But the main advantage of capsules is their convenience. The product is easy to take with you, and there is no need to dissolve it for reception.
Side effects

Creatine – one of the most studied sports supplements. It is absolutely safe for health confirmed by a number of research and testing.

However, it was also noted that in rare cases the additive may cause indigestion and stomach pain. This side effect is associated with poor functioning of the liver. In addition, it is not recommended to take creatine in conjunction with alcohol.

Driving receiving creatine

Knowing the characteristics of such supplements like creatine, what it is and its variants, you can begin to develop a reception circuit.

There are 2 ways of reception of this sports supplement:

  1. Admission to the download phase. This scheme is an amplified reception creatine during the first 5-7 days. At this time it is necessary to use it in an amount of 2-5 g (1 tsp) 4-5 times a day. This method gives amazing results that you feel at the first training session. In addition, this scheme is approved by the renowned fitness instructor and has a large research base.
  2. Standard scheme. Missing load phase, you will immediately take supplements at the recommended dosages: 2-5 g per day. In this case, the result of creatine is not before visible than a month.

During the first phase of the load receiving the drug should be in the morning. If you choose a powder creatine, stir it into the water. Second time used it before training. The third technique is necessary to arrange immediately after exercise, and the fourth – for 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Like all the other amino acids, creatine should take the course. After 2 months it is necessary to make a 3-week break. During this time, the body will be able to “rest” from its permanent oversupply. Although the supplement is safe and some people take it year-round, a break is appropriate to maintain its effectiveness.

The fact is that the muscles are able to get used to the regular flow of additional portions of amino acids and stop responding to it. Short intervals between courses will improve the effectiveness of training and will have no impact on your physical condition.

Now you know all about the benefits of creatine, it forms and what is better. Creatine – a safe way to increase the return on your training and quickly improve athletic performance.